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Kaizen Relay:

  • Directly replaces any standard relay
  • Installs WITHOUT TOOLS
  • Patent Pending power distribution concept - (sounds fancy, but it's just a relay that can interconnect )
  • Solid state technology allows for PWM (Hi or Lo)
  • Interconnectable means less wiring when more relays are added!
  • Rugged and weatherproof
  • Accepts Control Module

Control Module:

  • Optional, connects to the side of a Kaizen Relay without tools
  • Allows the Kaizen Relay to be activated via CAN inputs OR analog inputs
  • Create application specific programs 
  • Programmable via micro USB
  • 3x Outputs
  • 3x Analog Inputs
  • Single CANbus
  • Can also function as an Analog > CAN converter!

The Problem With What's Out There: 

The design of the relay hasn't changed in 50 years. They either have exposed male prongs or a bulky weatherproof connector. Both require different crimpers for installation. Fine. But not great.

Relays are inherently "dumb" devices, requiring a separate, expensive controller to turn them on. It makes sense to have the controller as part of the relay. That's where the Control Module comes in! The optional Control Module attaches to the side of any Kaizen Relay and is instantly powered up and ready for inputs - Analog and CAN!
It's surprising how many companies in the aftermarket industry have CAN enabled opportunities almost slapping them in the face and they're still producing brackets and drilling holes in things to mount new buttons! 
Why not repurpose existing buttons on the dash for new functions?

I've seen one too many engine bays with box relays screwed to the firewall; four in a row with butt connectors connecting makeshift wire harnesses to pigtails. The Kaizen Relay uses spring cage wire termination that doesn't require pigtails or specialty connectors. The design creates a weatherproof seal without pins or crimpers and provides reliable termination on par with crimped pins and far exceeding female spades.


Competing Products:

Since 2017 we've been trying to find something better than the Kaizen Relay - but it doesn't exist. The nearest competitors require two outputs in parallel to match our 40 Amp rating, and it goes far beyond that! We've tested head-to-head with the "other" Solid-State products on the market and even if you can look past the screw terminals, competing products will overheat within seconds of pulsing a fan or a pump! It's not even close! 

Wire Termination

Tool-free operation was a design objective from the beginning. Reinventing the relay meant improving everything about it. But improving installation time while also providing a wire termination method that would survive harsh environments was a challenge. Spring-cage clamps are the answer. Spring-Cage wire termination is internationally accepted for the harshest environments and has been providing consistent connection for decades - even beyond 100G impact! (IEC/EN 60068-2-27)
Source: WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Testing Matters

Real-world testing is the only thing that matters. Theoretical specs are useless if just one variable is missed. That's why testing is at the heart of what we're doing. 

Control Module

This can take the place of your ECU, freeing up valuable ECU outputs using CAN and directly accepting sensor inputs as well!

Connect On Either Side

The Kaizen Relay is designed to mechanically interlock and electrically connect on both sides allowing the user to add additional devices in literally seconds without additional wiring!

The interlocking method is a modified bayonet style mount - just connect and go!

Pogo Pins

Pogo pins transfer power to another Kaizen Relay or Control Module as soon as it's attached!
  • Lasts up to 1,000,000 Cycles
  • Typical Contact Resistance, 20mΩ at mid stroke
  • Tested to a minimum of 50G shock and 10G vibration
  • Gold Plated Components provide optimal electrical & mechanical performance