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Automatic Wire Strippers & Crimpers

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Automatic Cable Wire Crimper Crimping Tool Stripper Self Adjustable Plier Cutter.

  • Self-Adjusting with cushion handle grip.
  • Side insertion of wire for ease of use. Integrated wire cutter and crimping jaws.
  • Heavy duty construction with hardened steel blades for outstanding long term performance.
  • For striping the plastic / rubber insulation on single / multiple cables and wires of 0.5 - 6mm.
  • Stripping diameter can be adjusted automatically for different wire cross sections.
  • For copper and aluminum wires, multiple strand up to 6mm, single strand up to 0.5mm.

  • Tool size: 20.5 cm (L)6.5cm (W)
  • Alloy steel jaws: Hardness for all wire from 10AWG to 24AWG gauge (0.2-6.0mm)
  • Color: Yellow & Black

  • Automatic self-adjustable cable wire crimper plier cutter.