Renault Twingo Race chassis Harness


Renault Twingo sport complete rewire completed and collected.

This great little car had had a few issues as most of the original wiring had been retained, so after much discussions with the customer it was decided that a complete rewire and also to move onto a stand alone Ecu would be the best option.

A few of the criteria required on the final build were ABS and power steering, which would mean that whatever we installed would require Renault can bus communications. We opted for the SCS Delta Delta 800 as they had the specific protocols we needed, and having worked closely with them in the past we knew we’d be able to iron out any potential pit falls between us.

Original vehicle systems really don’t like working without all of the other components, but it was essential that to make the build worthwhile we could remove any unnecessary OE wiring and modules. So after days of pouring over schematics of the original wiring we started the build confident that we could get the wiring down to the absolute minimum.
And we did 🥳🥳
Literally all original wiring other than parts of the engine loom were removed 😎😎

The build included:
Supply and installation of custom chassis harness and fusebox.

Supply and installation of new power and earth cable throughout.

Complete strip of all original wiring. Engine bay wiring, brackets and fusebox removed, and brake reservoir relocated.

@scsdelta Delta800 supplied and installed and relocated into the cabin.

Original engine harness stripped, re wrapped and adapted to the Delta 800.

New looms built for the ABS and PAS.

Dash flocked, and carbon inserts made.

Supply and installation of TEGIWA IMPORTS rain light

Supply and installation of Tegiwa shift light.

Clutch and brake switches installed to allow flat foot shifting and also rev matching on down shift.

Really pleased with how this install turned out, especially as it paves the way for further Renault installs. All of what we’ve learned on this vehicle should easily be transferable to #clio197 and #clio200 installations, which means track cars can have all the benefits of original systems whilst still removing unwanted weight and complexity.

The weight of the original wiring removed was 21kgs and the wiring going back in was just over 4kgs, giving a net saving of 17kgs! Not to shabby 😲😲.