Peugeot 106 Maxi Rally Ecumasters Installation

Great looking #Peugeot 106 Maxi in for replacement electronics and a thorough check over.

As part of the package we supplied and installed:
Ecumaster PMU-16 PDM
ECUMaster ADU-5 Dash
Blinkstop 8 Channel wireless wheel controls
MoTeC can bus switch panel with 3D printed mount.

There were a few issues that required sorting on the vehicle, so after a good inspection it was decided that the cabin wiring should also be replaced. The engine harness was still in great condition, so could be retained.

As the vehicle is used predominantly for rallying it was imperative that both the driver and nav could have access to the main controls. So by utilizing the Motec Systems USA switch panel, and Blinkstop steering wheel controls we were able to program the Ecumasters PMU-16 to accept signals from both at the same time. With great features like full wiper control, wiper park and hazard control the PMU-16 is ideal for both fast road cars and also dedicated track cars.

The vehicle also has a sequential box, so gear info was sent to the dash, and the info from the load cell was wired into the S40Pro to allow flat foot shifting.

As most of the electronics have can-bus they were all linked to send and receive information. The DTAfast ECU sends information to the dash, and the dash and PMU transfer real time data between each other. As you can see the dash displays real time information on important data such as current draw, output status and PMU info which is ideal for quickly assessing feeds and identify issues should they arise.

The wireless steering wheel controls were mounted on our own design carbon panel, and finished of with a 3D printed rear enclosure to protect the wiring and module. Both of these were manufactured in house. As a finishing touch Blinkstop motorsport decals were added to show button function.